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Safe Harbor

6.12.12 - 27.10.12

Artist: Orit Ishay · Elham Rokni · Lea Golda Holterman · Micha Kirshner · Micky Kratzman
Curator: Nitza Perry

Being a refugee in a globalized region reveals an open wound that reflects the indifferent face of Israeli society, born out of the same wound.

The exhibition seeks to examine who is a refugee in our country and show on the one hand, aspects from the refugee’s perspective, and on the other hand, the Israeli collective point of view. How is the strong drive to find a ‘safe harbor’ coping with fears, hopes and memories? Will the rush to a ‘safe harbor’ protect them from uncertainty and endless escape?


Hacubia - Place for Art

The Cube School was established in 1980 in Jerusalem. Recently, the Institute moved to its current location- Valley of the Cross, the legendary home of the first prima ballerina - Rina perforation. The cube is a model one of a kind art institution in the country, providing solutions to real and honest need, and calls to return to an artistic, moral and personal action. A place that provides a unique possibility to play and to express personal and unique voice of each and every one.

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