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Behind the scenes #5 : Meirav Himan


Artist: Meirav Himan
Curator: Yehudit Gueta

Opening Event and meeting with the artist: Tuesday 02/26/13 at 16:00

“Behind the Scenes” is a series of exhibitions at the Department of Communication photographic Hadassah College. “Behind the scenes” invites visitors onto the soft shoulder of the processes of creation, those who usually come to the formal spaces of the art world, and shares the process creator passes spectators on the way to the finished works presented officially


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The Photography Gallery in memory of Yossi Nachmias

Department of Communication photographic gallery Hadassah Academic College was inaugurated in November 2009. Being on site temporary exhibitions, the gallery is what learning experience for students and faculty and meet with artists as exhibitors. Department curators are lecturers. The years 2012 to 2010 show exhibition artists work processes in a series of shows called "behind the scenes" Jewish treasurer Guetta. In 2012 and 2012 participated in cultural events gallery "views." In these exhibitions are supported by Epson.

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