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17.9.2016 - 16.12.2016

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Ella Cohen-Vansover & Dan Orimian


We all collect things, but only a few make it a way of life, a journey propelled by an insatiable passion. Collecting is perceived as an obsession – every collector has a complex relationship of creation and nurture with his collection.

Collectors gives a platform to collections whose accumulation and preservation could be viewed as an artistic action in themselves. The space of the gallery is transformed into an archive of local culture, a cluster of mini- exhibitions that present a wealth of objects while experimenting with different modes of display.


Pinchas Amitai, Michael Ben abu,  Vivian & Shlomo Birkenfeld,  Joshua (Shuki) Borkovsky, Asher Dayan & Tzvika Twito,  Markey Funk,  Minoo & Aharon Makmal,  Aharon Orimian, Haim Parnas,  Jack Phima,  Romi  Nicole Schneider,  Nira Schwartz,




 Zvi Tolkovsky


Hacubia - Place for Art

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