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Dead, Asleep

Opening: 26/10/17 - Closing: 24/11/17

Artist: Chaya Ruckin, Eran Nave
Curator: Hadas Amster, Merav Kamel

The exhibition juxtaposes the macabre in Chaya Ruckin’s works with the nightmarish humor in Eran Nave’s works. This is the voice of the “I” that did not choose its name: Chaya (lit.: alive/beast) and Eran (lit.: awake, alert), who will sleep and die here. The resemblance between death and sleepiness conjures up a transparent vitality, from which emerge dark fantasies that invite us into the misanthrope’s dreams. Confusion and lethargy, mazes, masks, humor, anxieties, love, and death, all go into one travel bag. 

The gap between my legs, Chaya Ruckin, 2017, photo: Avi Levi


Barbur is a place for art in Jerusalem and an ongoing forming project. It was founded in July 2005 by five friends, Jerusalem-based emerging artists working collectively in an independent nonprofit space for art and artists, in the aim of offering a platform for critical debate that addresses social issues while developing projects with local communities.
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