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Ebb and Flow

15.10.15 -13.11.15

Artist: Hannan Abu Hussein
Curator: Barbour

Hannan Abu Hussein’s installation tackles the murder and oppression of women. In Israel, almost every month a woman is murdered by her relatives, in the claim that she has brought dishonor on the family. The state remains silent on the issue of honor killings, refusing to intervene in the families “private affairs”. And so, independent women are murdered in the name of tradition while the murderers roam free.

Resin, 2014, installation: knives and concrete



Barbur is a place for art in Jerusalem and an ongoing forming project. It was founded in July 2005 by five friends, Jerusalem-based emerging artists working collectively in an independent nonprofit space for art and artists, in the aim of offering a platform for critical debate that addresses social issues while developing projects with local communities.
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