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Artist: varied

The exhibition will focus on the perception of reality in a changing world where the boundaries that define it are becoming more and more vague.

The exhibition consists of a variety of mediums: sculpture, drawing, video and installation.

Synesthesia – a neurological phenomenon that causes a merger between the different senses. In people who suffer (or enjoy) Msinitszih stimulation triggers a certain sense involuntary feeling / experience a different sense. These people can really taste sounds or hear colors. Contemporary Western reality created a new type of Sinistzih – but this time mixing is between reality and virtual reality from imagination or actually

Among countless mirrors of reality and reality itself.

Fire up – the connection of multiple pieces into one that approved the original work also appeared in many areas: music, video, literature, art, language and so on.

These concepts have been used starting point for content and database exhibition inspired the name “Fnstzih” word combination of fantasy and synesthesia.



Hacubia - Place for Art

Hacubia School was established in 1980 in Jerusalem's Morasha neighborhood. Recently, the institute moved to its current location in the Valley of the Cross, the legendary home of the first prima ballerina – Rina Nikova. Hacubia is a model of a one of a kind art institution in Israel, which meets a real and sincere need and calls to return to an artistic, moral, and personal activity; a place that provides a unique opportunity to communicate and express the personal and unique voice of each and every one.



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