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Fantastic Reality

Opening: 27.8.20 - Closing: 31.10.20

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Natalie Peselev Stern

Escapism. A turning point at which reality must reinvent itself to enable cautious hope, and imbue it with vitality. Having abandoned descriptions of their current reality, the artists wish to invent themselves in an imagined time and space, to delve into unrestrained wildness possible only in a different location and by taking on a different role.

Artists: Nasrin Abu Baker | Moriah Eder Plaksin | Ayelet Dora Saperia | Amira Kasim Ziyan | Tal Micheaelis | Yael Serlin | Shulamit Etsion | Amira Fodi | Tamar Tzadok | Lamis Shahout


Tal Micheaelis, Pendulum, Video performance, Video Detail, (2017), photo credit: Shira Bar


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