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Final Flight

Opening: 28/10/17 - Closing: 22/12/17

Artist: Shosh Israeli
Curator: Dina Hanoch

The unique situation in which you find yourself floating in-between. The moment before you touch the ground, right before you touch what’s beneath it. This is the experience that lies at the basis of Shosh Israeli’s works – the feeling of a new world and the end of the old one.

Untitled, Shosh Israeli, 2017

Nora Gallery

Nora (1899-1980) inaugurated the first gallery in Jerusalem, and one of the first galleries in Israel. The gallery started its activity in 1942 in the home of painter Ludwig Jonason Mamilla Street (now Agron Street). In 1954 it moved to its current location in Nora's home in Rehavia neighborhood, and since then until her death in 1980, it hosted exhibitions of Israeli and international artists, both renowned and emerging. Nora founded an unusual, not for profit gallery that operated without any financial backing, while the values of quality and pluralism serve as its guidelines. Since her death, the gallery continues its activity and has held some 500 exhibitions to date.  
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