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Artist: from “City Slivers”: Joel Kantor, Gustavo Sagorsky, Orit Siman-Tov, Gilad Ophir, Yaniv Waissa, Yigal Shemtov, Efrat Shvily, Vardi Kahana, Galia Gur Ze’ev, Yaakov Israel.
Curator: Curator: Pesach Slabosky

 “City Slivers” is a photographic project that has been active in Jerusalem since 2010, in which photographers are invited to photograph Jerusalem and the resulting works are featured in the designated website: With the aim of lingering and looking at the collection of works through the encounter with a different medium, we invited the painter Pesach Slabosky to use the artworks on the website as materials for a new piece.


production: Doron Altaratz



Nearby Galleries:

The Photography Gallery in memory of Yossi Nachmias

The gallery of the Photographic Communications Department at Hadassah Academic College was inaugurated in November 2009. In addition to serving as a venue for temporary exhibitions, the gallery also functions as a platform for a learning experience for students and faculty and a meeting place with the exhibiting artists. The Department's faculty serves as the gallery's curators.

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