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Artist: from “City Slivers”: Joel Kantor, Gustavo Sagorsky, Orit Siman-Tov, Gilad Ophir, Yaniv Waissa, Yigal Shemtov, Efrat Shvily, Vardi Kahana, Galia Gur Ze’ev, Yaakov Israel.
Curator: Curator: Pesach Slabosky

 “City Slivers” is a photographic project that has been active in Jerusalem since 2010, in which photographers are invited to photograph Jerusalem and the resulting works are featured in the designated website: With the aim of lingering and looking at the collection of works through the encounter with a different medium, we invited the painter Pesach Slabosky to use the artworks on the website as materials for a new piece.


production: Doron Altaratz




The Photography Gallery in memory of Yossi Nachmias

The gallery of the Photographic Communications Department at Hadassah Academic College was inaugurated in November 2009. In addition to serving as a venue for temporary exhibitions, the gallery also functions as a platform for a learning experience for students and faculty and a meeting place with the exhibiting artists. The Department's faculty serves as the gallery's curators.

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37 HaNeviim, Haddasah Academic College
Sun-Thurs. 10:00-17:00
The Light Railway
safra / jaffa center

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