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Macedonia 1971

Opening: 24.10.19 at 20:00 PM - Closing: 6.12.18

Artist: Neil Folberg

In 1971, Neil Folberg spent six months living and photographing in Macedonia, then part of Yugoslavia. Folberg photographed the land and people in villages, towns, in their homes, in the streets and fields, funded by a grant from the University of California, Berkeley. The government of Macedonia subsequently banned Folberg and censored his photographs. This is the first exhibition of this series since 1974.


At the opening night there will be a live performance of music from the Balkans by Gergely and Agi, Cyrelle and Jesse.


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Founded in 1981 in San Francisco by Joseph Folberg, Vision relocated to Jerusalem in 1998 and is Israel's premier gallery devoted to fine art photography. Member in the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).
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