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Maria Saleh Mahameed / Nidbach XXI

Opening: 20.10.18 - Closing: 22.12.18

Artist: Maria Salah Mahameed
Curator: Dorit Ringart

Maria Saleh Mahameed’s drawings and etchings unfold like a scroll that attests to and records her life experiences in Umm al-Fahm. Through the shooting sounds piercing the air day and night, she presents her unique existence. Well aware of her cultural origins, her family history, she laments the place and its inhabitants as if she were chanting an ancient dirge.


Yaara Oren ,The Daughter’s room, 2016, oil on canvas

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The Jerusalem Artists House is situated in a historic building that once housed "The Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts," founded by Boris Schatz in 1906, today the current Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design. For a time the building housed the Bezalel National Museum, precursor of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. When the Israel Museum was opened, the collections of the Bezalel National Museum were transferred to it, where they formed the initial core collection of the Museum. Since 1965, the House has served as home to the Association for Jerusalem Artists. In this capacity, the House has become a dynamic center for exhibitions, displaying unique and varied works of both Israeli and international artists. The annual exhibition plan includes a series focusing on prominent young artists exhibiting their works for the first time, as well as a series of retrospective works by veteran artists. In addition, the Artists House displays group exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, joint presentations between Israeli and international artists, as well as a variety of other activities.
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