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New Members 2015

Saturday, 29.8.2015 until 24.10.2015

Artist: Hadassa Goldvicht, Netanel Morhan, Noa Brezner
Curator: Yael Ruhman

It is an established tradition at the Artists’ House, to welcome new members
of The Association for Jerusalem Artists every year and thus, to open the
year’s exhibition season. This year, three artists are joining the association:
Noa Brezner, Hadassa Goldvicht and Netanel Morhan. Pinpointing any links
or similarities between the artists exhibiting is quite a challenge.

 Their separate oeuvres vary and span from personal-biographic, through
social-political and finally, the concrete here and now. Nonetheless, it is
an opportunity to experience parts of their oeuvre and different modes of practice.

The photographs in Noa Brezner’s exhibition were taken in exhibition spaces,
between shows, as a glimpse of their essence momentarily crystalizes,
the space exhibiting itself. She invites us to ponder the empty as full of
future and possibility.

Hadassa Goldvicht’s work functions as remnants of the artistic process.
Each piece is a ritual, the performance of which exceeds the significance
of the final object. Goldvicht collects and catalogs different materials,
gestures, stories and repetitive rituals. Although the compiled materials
are intimate and highly personal, emotionally dense, Goldvicht gently
dismantles them, thus offering a new and critical outlook, historically,
socially and politically informed.

The protagonists of the surrealist paintings by Netanel Morhan reside
in high altitudes, in aquariums that are an office or a penthouse
in a New York City skyscraper, soundly insulated from the dystopic world below.
Morhan applies a hyper-realistic style of painting to a slightly more naïve
complexion in search of the spiritual.

Gallery talk: Friday, 25 September 2015 12:00

Noa Brezner, Untitled, 2011, Inkjet print, 89X89 cm

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The Jerusalem Artists House is situated in a historic building that once housed "The Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts," founded by Boris Schatz in 1906, today the current Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design. For a time the building housed the Bezalel National Museum, precursor of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. When the Israel Museum was opened, the collections of the Bezalel National Museum were transferred to it, where they formed the initial core collection of the Museum. Since 1965, the House has served as home to the Association for Jerusalem Artists. In this capacity, the House has become a dynamic center for exhibitions, displaying unique and varied works of both Israeli and international artists. The annual exhibition plan includes a series focusing on prominent young artists exhibiting their works for the first time, as well as a series of retrospective works by veteran artists. In addition, the Artists House displays group exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, joint presentations between Israeli and international artists, as well as a variety of other activities.
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