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Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Opening: 24/10/17 - Closing: 25/1/18

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Dafna Ichilov, Assistant curator: Almog Gez

Artists: Guy Itzhaki, Nevet Yitzhak, Orit Ishay, Jan Tichy, Dafi Sapunar, Steve Sabella, Almog Gez, Nadav Ariel, Miriam Naeh, Tohar Lev Jacobson, Nimrod Levy, Asaf Alboher, Itamar Mevorach, Micha Simhon

The exhibition examines the artistic action and its products as possible models of mending and healing.

The artists perform or point to rituals that we practice as a society: at times, these are defiant actions that wish to mend a complex and splintered society; other times, the actions seem absurd and purposeless. Sisyphean or irrational rituals, whose very practice can set in motion self-change, and perhaps also bring about social repair.

Ein Sokut, Nadav Ariel, 2015

Morel Derfler Gallery

The Morel Derfler Gallery was established in 1993 as a photography gallery within the premises of the Naggar School in Musrara. The gallery showcases works by renowned Israeli and international photographers, as well as emerging photographers (some of whom are Musrara graduates). The gallery serves as an educational platform that provides the students with the opportunity to discuss the exhibitions and exposes them to different genres and working methods in all media.
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