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15.9.2016 - ongoing online exhibition

Artist: Chen Serfaty
Curator: Doron Altaratz

Dear, :an art exhibition documentation project by Chen Serfaty
In the framework of Manofim Festival 2016, Chen Serfaty will be launching Dear, an online video platform proposing to reexamine the relationship between artists, artworks and exhibition spaces.
By documenting a series of art exhibitions from the low viewpoint of an automatic vacuum cleaner (iRobot), Chen Serfaty produces an unprecedented defamiliarization of the exhibition space and concurrently imagines a new display strategy for artworks online.
Acting as both original artwork and a new concept service, the website will allow its visitors to wonder through a constantly expanding video archive of art exhibitions documented by the iRobot during its cleaning operation in different galleries, museums and art fairs in Israel and abroad.


The Photography Gallery in memory of Yossi Nachmias

The gallery of the Photographic Communications Department at Hadassah Academic College was inaugurated in November 2009. In addition to serving as a venue for temporary exhibitions, the gallery also functions as a platform for a learning experience for students and faculty and a meeting place with the exhibiting artists. The Department's faculty serves as the gallery's curators.
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37 HaNeviim, Haddasah Academic College
Sun-Thurs 10:00-17:00
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