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191013- 28/11/13

Artist: Ester Schneider, Michal Barnea Shani, Nitsan Hamerman, Ohad Milstein, Anat Michaelis-Levi, Shimon Lev
Curator: Nitza Pery

In his 1907 work “Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices”, Freud notes that the purpose of obsessive actions is to reduce and ameliorate the anxiety caused by obsession; according to him, these actions constitute a desperate attempt to exert control over an uncontrollable world.

The exhibition seeks to illuminate the two sides of obsessive-compulsive disorder: the urge to do something, even covertly, that while posing a potential obstacle to creative endeavor, can also expedite the artistic process.  The works in this exhibition will show the potential of obsession to challenge the order that our culture imposes on us.



Hacubia - Place for Art

Hacubia School was established in 1980 in Jerusalem's Morasha neighborhood. Recently, the institute moved to its current location in the Valley of the Cross, the legendary home of the first prima ballerina – Rina Nikova. Hacubia is a model of a one of a kind art institution in Israel, which meets a real and sincere need and calls to return to an artistic, moral, and personal activity; a place that provides a unique opportunity to communicate and express the personal and unique voice of each and every one.



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