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Point Cloud

Opening: 30.10.2019 at 20:00 - Closing: 30.11.2019

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Galit Shvo and Doron Altaratz

Historically, there are meaningful gaps between photographic processes and design process. Over the last few decades, there have been more and more collaborations between these two fields through the use of advanced technologies. This exhibition is the outcome of such collaboration between the departments of Photographic Communication and Industrial Design at Hadassah Academic College. The exhibition presents projects that focus on 3D photography, information, or digital design-based imaging technologies.


Artists: Guy Aon, Maya Ben David, Ariel Caine, Moshe Caine, Eliraz Eitam and Nadav Goren, Talia Janover, Yuval Naor,  Neil Nenner and Avihai Mizrahi, Shabtai Pinchevsky



The Photography Gallery in memory of Yossi Nachmias

The gallery of the Photographic Communications Department at Hadassah Academic College was inaugurated in November 2009. In addition to serving as a venue for temporary exhibitions, the gallery also functions as a platform for a learning experience for students and faculty and a meeting place with the exhibiting artists. The Department's faculty serves as the gallery's curators.
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