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Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Consultant: Avi Dabach

A group exhibition that focuses on aspects of local social protest, as it was originally formulated in Wadi Salib in 1958, and in Musrara neighborhood during the 1970s, with the formation of the Black Panthers. The works explore police brutality and actions taken by government institutions against protest groups in Israel with the intention of restraining them. The participating artists draw from public archives, including the Musrara Archive, which was set up by the School in order to document the story of the neighborhood.

Artists: Tzfia Dgani, Guy Königstein, Asaf Elboher, Danielle Parsay, Iris Pshedezki, Hana Jaeger, Niv Cohen, Michal Tobias

Chief curator: Avi Sabag


The Gas Plan, Hana Jaeger, 2017

The Social Gallery

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9Ha'ayin Chet St., Musrara
Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00
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