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Sleepery Reality

Opening: 25.10.18 at 18:00 PM - Closing: 21.11.18

Artist: Ran Slavin
Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Ran Slavin’s solo exhibition suggests rules of physicality that are at odds with what’s happening on the next street. Interweaving partially familiar images, Slavin creates an alternative, digital, or futuristic reality, which may already be here. This is neither Heavenly or Earthly Jerusalem, but one that exists in parallel. What happens in familiar spaces when portals to other worlds are opened? What remains of the human presence, when digitalization is unrestrained?


Ran Slavin, THE FLOATING LIFE, 2017


Beita Gallery

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155 Jaffa street
Sun-Thu 9.00-17.00, Friday by appointment
Mahane Yehuda market station