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30.10 | Jerusalem Art Conference #4

Jerusalem Art Conference #4 | Trick 

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, The Polonsky Academy, 43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem 


The Jerusalem Art Conference, taking place for the fourth time, is a joint venture of the Jerusalem art institution Manofim and Erev Rav and Harama magazines. The conference wishes to bring together the current prevailing discourse in art academies and higher education institutions and artists, curators, artistic directors, and art and culture professionals in Israel and worldwide. 


The 2019 conference will take place at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute under the title “Trick.” The dictionary defines trick as a surprising ruse used in order to achieve a certain goal. The trickster takes advantage or seizes an opportunity that the other side did not foresee, and often employs means like disguise, infiltration, misdirection, and acting. The underlying cunning of the trick can be insidious and evil or playful. It can be a creative way to sidestep problems or overcome powerful forces through weakness. We also see tricks in intra-artistic arenas, which at times exceed them and seep into the public sphere. These can be a part of an artistic action or realized through the very choice of art as a means of perusing through other interests. 


The topics that will be discussed in the conference include: art censorship and tricks for coping with it; technological and anti-technological tricks in art; the spectrum between truth and illusion; art as an economic or political trick; economics and politics as an artistic trick; art as an expression of identity tactics; art tricks and legal tricks.


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Conference’s editors: Rinat Edelstein, Ronen Eidelman, Yonatan Amir

Producer: Aviv Peter



Morning sessions: 20 NIS

Evening sessions + screening of Cinema Balash + performance: 25 NIS

Day ticket + screening of Cinema Balash + performance: 35 NIS

Students, groups, and senior citizens – day ticket: 20 NIS 


**Tickets must be purchased in advance via here**


The lectures are in Hebrew, unless stated otherwise. The number of seats is limited. Program is subject to change.


Ronnie Karfiol, War Assistant


09:30-10:00 Registration, gathering and refreshments

10:00 Greetings and opening remarks


Morning Sessions | 10:15-14:00


10:15-10:45 | Guest lecture: Akvilė Anglickaitė, Lithuania (in English)

Akvilė Anglickaitė | Limits of Uncertainty: Some Stories from the Secret Life of an Image 

Despite the numerous attempts to denounce the truthfulness of the photographic image, its claim to veracity perseveres. And indeed, very much so, as the age of post-truth is in full force. What is the core of this perseverance? What is the promise that keeps our belief alive? To answer these questions, we will go under the surface of an image, into the realms of ancient myths and some laws of physics. 

Akvilė Anglickaitė is visual artist working with photography and moving image. She studied at the University of Plymouth (UK) and Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her works she explores the possibilities of the photographic imagery, the margins of storytelling, and the poetics of sound.

Courtesy of the Lithuanian Culture Institute.


First Session | 10:45-12:15


Anat Katz | Spaghetti Tree Harvest: Pranking Practices

Review and analysis of pranking as a social and artistic performance that incorporates critical, social, and political subjects and introduces complex ethical questions. 

Anat Katz is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist, artistic director of 2017-2018 Intimadance.


Gabriel S Moses | The Troll and the Academy

What happens when an internet troll infiltrates the master’s program at an art academy and tries to extricate it from its own convoluted logic? 

Gabriel S Moses is an artist-lecturer for digital culture and a PhD candidate for art-based research at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. 


Malkiella Benchabat | Disturbance at Source: Sabotage and Recognition in Gender Representation in Contemporary Photography

Exaggeration, externalization, and the grotesque: an examination of the representation of women by contemporary women photographers who work in pop culture and the post-modern era.

Malkiella Benchabat is a portrait and fashion photographer. Her work explores gender representation.


Artist Lecture: Yasmin Caspin | The Tragedy of the Public Domain

The artist carried out a three-week experiment aimed at refining visual materials from encounters with men. During the experiment, its real goal has come to light: to beat the balance of power in the world of online dating. 

Yasmin Caspin is a visual artist who explores the relation between sculptural material and human material and their transition into the digital world. 


Intermission | 12:15-12:30


Second Session | 12:30-14:00


Emi Sfard | Conquest of the Desert


An examination of “the scheme to redeem the land,” which renders the Israeli landscape a spectacle that can erase the past and establish a different future, and a discussion on the question of how artistic action contributes to the re-defining the image. 

Emi Sfard is a Tel Aviv-based new media artist. 


Elad Horn | The New Central Bus Station: The Largest Artwork in Tel Aviv

The New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv was born as a result of a political-economic-architectural maneuver, and today serves as an example of how art finds new ways of grappling with an impossible existence in one giant superstructure.

Elad Horn is an architect and researcher, focusing on the architectural and planning history of the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv. He serves as manager of the Avie and Sarah Arenson Built Heritage Research Center at the Technion.


Irit Carmon Popper | Quick Build House Kits 

A discussion on Hila Lulu Lin and Hanna Farah Kufer Birim’s site-specific interventions – Sharnaqa  – an ongoing artistic project the duo has carried out since 2003 in the site of the Farah family home, in the destroyed Birim village that is currently included in Bar’am National Park. 

Irit Carmon Popper is an independent curator, scholar, and lecturer in visual history and culture in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Haifa, and at Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem.


Lunch Break | 14:00-15:00


Evening Sessions | 15:00


Third Session | 15:00-16:30


Ronnie Karfiol | Additivism: The Online Readymade in the Information Age

On the new critical use of online readymade in the context of Additivism and the artist’s works.

Ronnie Karfiol is an artist who explores technology’s impact on socio-political processes and the relation between new media and matter. 


Carmel Barna Brezner Jonas | Associative Search in the Digital Age 

In an age when we are flooded by communication with screens, in the absence of centralized information and digital globalization, we can experience the essence of the search and find out what we are really looking for.

Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas is a multidisciplinary artist and influencer.



Or Ariely & Meital Aviram | All the Lies in the World

A discussion on the concept of shape-shifting, the notion of horror, and the transformation of household objects, designed to organize existence based on a structured set of habits, identities, and truths.

Or Ariely is a Jerusalem-based artist. He has won Lookout and the Lauren and Mitchell Presser Photography Award, Bezalel. Meital Aviram is an independent Tel Aviv-based curator, and founder of the project Third Floor on the Left. 


Dganit Elyakim | Control Games

The controllers are like ghosts that can take different diverse guises, according to the piece’s artistic style and statement. The artist will present unique controllers she created over the years. 

Dganit Elyakim is a sound artist and composer. Her works explore different aspects of the interaction between the human and the digital. 


Intermission | 16:30-17:00


Cinema Balash 17:00-18:00

Plot is a video art collection that examines narrative creating mechanisms. The program centers around the double meaning of the word “plot” and looks at the formation of a story as a kind of conspiracy between the storyteller and the viewer. The program includes historical and contemporary video art and outlines a wide range of approaches to the nature and power of a narrative.


Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel, Experimental Study of Apparent Behaviour, 1944

Jon Smith, The Black Tower, 1985

Kerry Tribe, The Last Soviet, 2010

Ruben Bellinkx, The Musical Chair, 2007

Laure Prouvost IT, HEAT, HIT, 2010


Fourth Session | 18:00-19:30


Dr. Ronit Milano | Between Financial Capital and Symbolic Capital: Private Financing of Exhibitions

The funding of the annual contemporary art show at Versailles as an example of how players in the artworld convert financial capital into cultural and even political capital.

Dr. Ronit Milano is a scholar at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Arts Department, focusing on the contemporary art market.


Prof. Dana Arieli | From Dictatorship to Democracy: Art, Censorship, Politics 

A discussion of a study that examines the various manifestations of censorship in the Israeli art world over the past decade.

Prof. Dana Arieli is a photographer and scholar who focuses on the interrelations between art and politics in democracies and dictatorships.


Adv. Nurit Asher Fenig | Trickery in the Artworld: Legal Aspects 

The lecture will review various cases in Israel and abroad where artworld trickery has raised a real concern of breaking the law.

Nurit Asher Fenig is an attorney specializing in visual arts and design. She consults museums, galleries, artists, and collectors.


Ilanit Konopny & Guy Aon | Wearing Photography: Performance Lecture 

From the moment of its invention, the photographic act entailed a lie or a trick. Guy Aon developed a new photo printing technique that turns the photographic material into a skin that allows one to wear multiple identities, referencing past artists.

Ilanit Konopny is an independent curator and art writer, a lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Photography Department and teaching aid at Bezalel graduate program in Policy and Theory of the Arts.
Guy Aon is an artist and photographer. He graduated from Bezalel Photography Department and has a master’s degree in industrial design from Bezalel.   


Intermission | 19:30-19:45


19:45-21:00 | Guest lecture: !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Switzerland (in English) 


!Mediengruppe Bitnik | Hacking as Artistic Practice

!Mediengruppe Bitnik’s recent works offer a look into some of the ecosystems that have been forming around the use of bots and automated algorithms in technological platforms.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik (read: the not mediengruppe bitnik) are contemporary artists working on, and with, the Internet. Using Hacking as an artistic strategy, their works re-contextualize the familiar to allow for new readings of established structures and mechanisms. Their practice expands from the digital to physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik are Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo. They are currently based in Berlin.

Courtesy of  the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Foundation and the Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation.


21:00 | The Mixer – Manofim Festival Musical Program

Magi Hikri featuring AvevA

Magi Hikri grew up in Tel Aviv’s Kerem HaTeimanim, on the backdrop of Yemenite prayers and classical Iraqi music. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of her childhood, Hikri creates a show comprised of original materials and adaptations to the greatest Arab singers. Hikiri features AvevA, a singer-songwriter who combines traditional Ethiopian sounds and soul.

Limited number of seats. Tickets must be purchased in advance via here