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Harama Magazine

Issue #22 of Harama online magazine, which will be launched with the opening of the 2018 Manofim Festival, invited artists and writers to react to the notion of a Victory Image. The works featured in the magazine reveal the cracks that emerge in the social-cultural longing or imperative to produce status and symbols that validate superiority and power in the face of the erosion of these images by insatiable national and economic systems. The works touch on the exploitation, dependency or denial underlying the production and preservation of the images, and the ways in which history glorifies or relegates victory images from the past.


Harama is an online magazine, produced by Manofim, which centers on contemporary art and contemporary art writing, and features works in diverse mediums. The magazine wishes to serve as a platform for displaying art that allows navigation between new, and familiar works created by emerging and established artists, which are assembled in thematic issues. Each artist featured in the magazine joins a growing index of artists on Harama website, which serves as an archive for the general public and a tool for professionals working in the Israeli art scene.


Head editor: Rinat Edelstein
Guest editor: Tal Yahas
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