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Harama Magazine

Harama is an online contemporary art magazine that features artworks in different media, theoretical texts, and prose. Celebrating its fifth year in 2017, Harama Magazine wishes to serve as a platform for contemporary art in Israel, allow its readers to wander between more and lesser known artworks, and between high and low, and make the most of the online medium. A new issue is published every three months,
centered around one subject or theme, to which artists and writers are invited to offer various interpretations. Hundreds of submissions are sent in response to the open call, which are sorted and curated by the editorial team. These are complemented by the works of artists who are approached by the magazine’s editors. Each issue assembles a collection of artworks by established artists alongside emerging artists, and indepth projects alongside sketches and experimentations. This decision is motivated by the desire to give emerging artists exposure and a platform for their works, and provide established artists an opportunity to debut new or experimental work. Each artist featured in the magazine joins an expanding index of artists on Harama website, serving as an archive and work tool for various professionals in the Israeli
art scene.


Issue #18, No Pictures,  will be launched with the opening of 2017 Manofim Festival


Chief editor: Rinat Edelstein
Guest editor: Tal Yahas
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