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Insight 26.10

An evening that brings together two solo exhibitions by artists who turn to their geographic, social, and artistic environment.

18:30 Exhibition Opening | The New Tenant – Ronit Agassi, curator: Yona Fischer. Ticho House

19:00 Symposium | On Art and Curation

Conversation as the foundation for the relationship between the artist and the curator, and the curatorial practice as a collaborative act – according to the legacy of Yona Fischer. With the artists Ronit Agassi and Sharon Poliakine, curators Timna Seligman and Irena Gordon, and art scholar Dr. Osnat Zukerman-Rechter. Ticho House

20:30 Exhibition Opening | The Corner of Haneviim and Shivtei Israel – Sharon Poliakine Curator: Irena Gordon. The Jerusalem Print Workshop

21:30 ״The Mixer״ – Albistan. Jerusalem Print Workshop

The Corner of Haneviim and Shivtei Israel II, Sharon Poliakine, 2015