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Jerusalem Art Conference #1 18-19.9
Sunday-Monday | 18-19.9.16


The first Jerusalem Art Conference, held at Hansen House and the Museum of Islamic Art, explores the theme of Signature and looks at the theory and practice of the issues surrounding it.

We live in an age where concepts like authenticity, belonging, identity, and singularity are constantly challenged by new technologies and cultural perceptions. Notions like communality and sharing, loyalty and belonging, quote, appropriation, and duplication have long become inseparable from the artistic discourse, imbuing the concept of “signing” with new meanings.

The Jerusalem Art Conference will address the idea of “signing” as a sign of belonging or ownership, as a social, cultural and political attribute, and as a symbol that holds critical financial and legal meanings.

The conference is a collaborative effort of Manofim, Erev Rav Magazine, Mamuta Art and Media Center, and Harama Magazine

Sunday, September 18th

Hansen House – Center of Design, Media, and Technology ,14 Gedalyahu Alon St.

Monday, September 19th

Museum of Islamic Art , 2 HaPalmach St.

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