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International Residency Program

“I believe that trash is a reflection of our culture, crumbs and detritus of the social structure and the economic system. It is likely that garbage will become a new geological layer of our era- the Anthropocene” (Rodrigo Imaz).


The residency program of Art Cube Artists’ Studios invites artists who explore social, political, and economical conflicts to reflect upon their environment in a critical manner during their temporary residence in Jerusalem. The program’s name is a play on the concept of “low-residency,” i.e., a short-term stay, and “low-resolution” as a description of image quality. The program invites artists for collaborations based on open calls and artist’s exchange with partner institutes.  


Rodrigo Imaz (b.1982, Mexico) is a painter and filmmaker. He studied Visual Arts at the National School of Arts (UNAM) in Mexico and has a Master´s in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain (UPV), graduating both with honors. Imaz has won many awards and prizes and his works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the world.


Imaz analyzes trash as a reflection of culture, deciphering social and economic power relations in a specific area. During his stay at LowRes Jerusalem, he will create a series of paintings based on the waste produced in the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. He will analyze what happens to waste created in these liminal neighborhoods – which are neither Israeli nor Palestinian, and whose residents have no social status – and examine the power relations that it reflects.


Residency curator: Maayan Sheleff

Like water falls, Acrylic and paragraph on carved board, 120x244cm, 2013


Special events during Manofim Festival:


Tuesday, 24.10 at 18:00

Jerusalem Art Conference #2

An artist’s talk with Rodrigo Imaz | Brigham Young University, Mount Scopus

What Do You Do With Art? Trash

Trash as a Mirror of Society (English)

Rodrigo Imaz (Mexico) a painter and documentary filmmaker, analyzes trash as a mirror of culture, and wishes to decipher the power relations it reflects by translating it into painting. In the session, he will talk about his work process, the economic and political power relations reflected in the trash of his home country Mexico, his experience at the residency in Jerusalem, and the research he carried out in the neighborhoods of Eastern Jerusalem.

Imaz is the artist in residence at Art Cube Artists’ Studios international art residency program LowRes Jerusalem.


Friday, October 27, at 10:30

Open Studio as part of the event “Artists’ Appointment”


Saturday, 28.10, Jerusalem Cinematheque


Playing with Trash | Toys and art from recycled materials

With Roderigo Imaz (Mexico)

English (translation to Hebrew)

Workshop for parents and children (6+), advance registration necessary

Turning discarded materials into original toys and sculptures. We recommend that you bring the “trash”

from home.




Juan Perros (Mexico, 2016)

Screening of Rodrigo Imaz’s documentry film

Jerusalem Cinematheque

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the artist Rodrigo Imaz and curator Maayan Sheleff

seats are numbered, tickets may be purchased at:

Tickets – 20 NIS


Juan Perros



Dir: Rodrigo Imaz

Juan Perros is a documentary that portrays a simple, intimate and emotional portrait of a man who lives off waste he collects in the Mexican desert of Coahuila. Juan works tirelessly to survive in this arid and hostile environment, surrounded by his animals who he treats as family. Facing the constant power of nature and abandoned by society, Juan lives without drama, practicing a philosophy of life that is both humble and radical. With his words, Juan brings us closer to the essence of humanity and nature, the sublime and the brutal, set against a stunning desert landscape. Juan Perros transports us to the most intimate corners of the human condition. Despite everything he experienced, Juan has not loss his connection to nature; on the contrary, he has created a closer bond. The film Juan Perros won Best Documentary Short Film in 14FICM Morelia International Film Festival 2016 and was Internationally Premiered at the 56 Semaine de la Critique at Cannes Film Festival 2017.

Spanish-English subtitles