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26-28.10 | Manofim Tours

Manofim Festival offers the public guided tours of select exhibitions on view in galleries throughout Jerusalem.


Each tour is approx. 2.5 hours


Please note – the tours are contingent on minimum number of participants


** Admission is subject to the Green Pass restrictions **


Each ticket purchased helps the continued activity of Manofim Festival. Thank you for your purchase!


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Tuesday, 26.10.21, 10:00

Koresh 14 – Gerem – Barbur – HaMifal


In this tour we will visit four galleries. We will start at Koresh 14 with the group exhibition “Fool’s Gold” that explores provincialism in Israeli art (curator: Dveer Shaked). We will continue to the solo exhibition “GEREM #08″ of Shani Reches at GEREM art space (curator: Sivan Ashel), and from there we will move to the neighboring Barbur Gallery with Reut Yeshayahu’s solo exhibition “Bright as Day, Dark as Night,” curated by Avi Sabah. We will end the tour at HaMifal with “Kumzits” a collaborative project by HaMifal, the Jewish Festival in Krakow, and the Curatorial Collective for Public Art, CCPA (Berlin), which features artists working in Krakow, Berlin and Jerusalem.


Along HaNevi’im Street

Wednesday, 27.10.21, 10:00

Jerusalem Print Workshop – Hadassah College – Ticho House


In the tour, we will visit three long standing art institutions in Jerusalem. We will start at the Jerusalem Print Workshop, where we will visit Lilian Klapische’s solo exhibition “Choses vues” by artist Lilian Klapische (curator: Arik Kilemnik). From there we will continue to Hadassah College and the group exhibition “A Stone’s Throw Away,” which spans the two galleries at the college – Azrieli Gallery and the Yossi Nachmias Photography Gallery in the Department of Photographic Communication (curators: Tali Kayam and Doron Altaratz). We will end the tour with “Mundane Heights,” the solo exhibition of artist Inbal Hoffman at the nearby Ticho House (curator: Shua Ben-Ari).


Thursday, 28.10.21, 10:00

Marie Gallery – Agripas 12 – Beita – The Art Shelter

The tour will focus on Mahane Yehuda Market area and the galleries around it. At Marie Gallery we will visit “Homage,” a group exhibition in which the gallery members pay tribute to famous artists and artworks (curator: Arye Berkowitz). From there we will continue to the nearby Agripas 12 Gallery, where we will visit the solo exhibition of artist Sarah Nina Meridor “Fine Structure Constant” (curator: Albert Swisa). We will then move on to Beita Gallery, where we will tour the group show “The Top of the Iceberg,” curated by Avital Wexler. We will end the tour at The Art Shelter Gallery, the first gallery in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood (Makor Baruch neighborhood), with “Capturing Contrasts” – a duo exhibition that brings together artists Mira Maylor and Racheli Tauber and their very different worlds.