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Mini Cranes | Art events and workshops for families

We invite you for a one-off family experience of art and creation in Jerusalem galleries. 

An event where you, parents and children, will get to enjoy an enriching tour, a shared experience of looking at art and a unique creative workshop inspired by the various exhibitions.

Join us for a colorful art experience that breathes life into the white walls and still spaces!


The session includes exhibition tour and workshop

The workshop is suitable for children ages 6-10

Participation requires prior registration

We invite you to join our workshop in galleries around Jerusalem and via Zoom. 

Number of participants is limited


Each ticket helps support Manofim Festival’s continued activity,

we thank you for your purchase!


Program curator: Shay Persil

Photo by: Itamar Mendes-Flohr


A Child with Wings

Following the group exhibition “Bird, What Do You Sing Of?

Tuesday 27.10.20


In a visit to the exhibition we will explore: What does it even mean to be a bird? And if I were a bird, what kind of bird would I be? 

In the workshop, we will fly to the realm of the imagination and fantasy, experiment with combining different materials, and compose a new and exceptional bird finder of extraordinary children birds.

If You See Me from the Front

Following the group exhibition “Salon Hacubia 2020 – Portrait” 

Tuesday 27.10.20


The workshop is for parent-child pairs 

What is a portrait and what is so unique about the experience of the point of view that emerges from it? What happens when I paint myself versus when I paint someone else? And what if I chose to paint only one part of the entire face? 

We will look at portraits of different artists and create a shared parent-child portrait.

Around (My) World

Following the group exhibition “Fantastic Reality

Wednesday 28.10.20


We will explore the gallery and meet artworks that express the artists’ personal stories. Tapping into the imagination as a reality creating tool, we will create a map that will take us on a journey inside ourselves. Where will it lead us? Who will we encounter along the way? What do we need in order to leave? Using painting and drawing, we will trace a path that only we know where it leads.

My Shape Book

Following the group exhibition “The Story of Pesach

Wednesday 28.10.20


We will learn different techniques of working with stencils and tap into a world of shapes. We will bind our own personal sketchbook with a Chinese cover, which will accompany us on our journey throughout the exhibition. After viewing the exhibition, we will add our own shapes, impressions, and drawings inspired the works in it.

Cinderella Objects

Following Einat Arif-Galanti’s solo exhibition “Sunset” 

Thursday 29.10.20


We will explore the exhibition that breathes life into objects that were washed up onto the beach. Following in the artist’s footsteps we will give a new meaning to everyday objects. We will experiment with composition and object photography that will restore its former glory and transform it into a work of art.

Imprinting Rocks

Following Einat Amir’s solo exhibition “Land Escape

Thursday 29.10.20


We will explore the exhibition, in which the artist uses stones to create new landscapes. Inspired by her work and by printing methods, we will make stamps using organic materials found in every kitchen. We will use them to compose a landscape that incorporates collage, painting and imprints of images the repeat each time in a slightly different variation.