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Mixer Manofim – Festival Musical Program

A line of site-specific musical events at the end of each of the festival’s days, blending together art and music, east and west, old and new.

Musical director: Ram Mizrahi Spinoza (RAMZY)

***All events are free, subject to availability***




Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies (Brigham Young University)


Yair Dalal hosts the Voices of Peace Choir of the Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa

Since number of seats is limited, we recommend pre-securing your tickets via:


Yair Dala is a musician, composer, violinist, and oud player. His music draws inspiration from the local environment, and above all from the desert. Dalal specializes in Israeli ethnic music, world music, and a combination of traditional Jewish-Arab origins with contemporary music, particularly the tradition of Iraqi Jews, wishing to restore it as a living and breathing culture entwined with Israeli life.

Voices of Peace Choir is comprised of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian teens form Tel Aviv-Jaffa, who sing together in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, as well as Spanish and Portuguese, in the aim of bring about real cultural exchange through music.

The opening performance was made possible thanks to the support of the Suesskind family, in memory of Tzippi Suesskind.


Since number of seats is limited, we recommend pre-securing your tickets via:





Hansen House



An instrumental band of six, playing MDM – Middle Eastern Dance Music – with elements of rock, electro, and hip-hop, igniting the audience with fast and tight tunes that are both familiar and fresh. After two and a half years of performing in in Israel and abroad, Sabir released their debut album in September 2017.

MembersAnat Gutman: Flute and Beat, Elik Harpaz: Viola, Chen Amar: Saxophone, Sharon Mansur: Keyboards, Yanai Avnet: Bass, Shalev Srur: Drums





Jerusalem Print Workshop



Musical trio combining contemporary electric music with ethnic music from the Middle East and the Silk Road

Ada and Sivi Alaev, a mother and son who formed the ethnic rock band Alaev’salon teamed up with Tom Iddan (aka “Tito”), electronic musician and sound man (Echo and Tito) to create new and exciting versions of favorite classics from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Tajikistan, and more. The combination of qanun, soprano sax, percussion, singing and electro beats create an innovative yet warm and authentic sound.



Under the Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem – Meir Davidoff Garage


Monolingua featuring Tamer Nafer

Between Lebanon and Egypt, between Jordan and the Mediterranean: the local music scene groans in English and drones in Hebrew. Severed from the Arab cultural space, the Israeli audience dissolves into global boredom.

The project wishes to open a widow to the contemporary music scene in Palestine and the Middle East turn the spotlight on Arabic, which is almost completely transparent in the local cultural scene, so that it will become a natural part of the Israeli space.

Tamer Nafer is a rapper and member of the DAM hip hop crew. Fueled by pure rage without hate, his rap combines American hip hop influences with a local Arab flavor from the ghetto of his hometown Lod.

With: Tamer Nafer, DJ RAMZY Al SpinozA, MC Muhammad Jabid Mughrabi, Muzi Raps, Raed Bassam Jabid




From 8:00pm

Khen Elmaleh and Gal Kadan –  Disco Menayak

The summit meeting of your dreams / Khen Elmaleh the goddess of fertility and dancefloors / Gal Kadan the siren of synthesizers and receding vibes / We talkin’ big dreams and small pockets. We talkin’ hip-hop and electronica meet the Middle East. Flashing lights with a Mediterranean groove. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Yair Dalal, photo: Eyal Tal