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Mount Scopus 360 24.10
Shalom Boguslavsky

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24.10.2017 at 16:00


Meeting point: parking lot outside Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies (Brigham Young University)


Mount Scopus, Mount of Olives, Mount of Corruption –  three summits, possibly three different names of the same ridge. Its sedimentary rock makes it better suitable for digging graves than the solid limestone of the surrounding mountains. Thus, over the years it has become the “necropolis of Jerusalem,” which overlooks Temple Mount – the “acropolis of Jerusalem.”

Mount Scopus is also the border between the inhabited land and the desert. This is where the city was revealed for the first time before those who travelled to it on the ancient roads, the place where the fate of Jerusalem was determined in numerous wars – from the Great Rebellion to the War of Independence. This is also the site that was designed to be the Zionist, secular, answer to the city’s religiously fraught history.

In the tour Mount Scopus 360 we will circle the top of the mountain. We will talk about it and about everything you can see from it.


Shalom Boguslavsky was born in Siberia, and lives in Jerusalem. He is a tour guide and a blogger who specializes in Jerusalem, and organizes and guides trips in Ukraine.


Duration: 2.5 hours

Advance registration necessary:

Very limited number of participants

Urban Landscape, Diptych (View of the Temple Mount), Ariel Hacohen, 2015