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Ocean | Akvilė Anglickaitė’s


Find Lithuania in this year’s particularly rich program of contemporary art festival of Manofim in Jerusalem!


A special screening of Lithuanian artist Akvilė Anglickaitė’s work Ocean at the Concert Hall of YMCA will take place for two days only, on November 1-2, from 12 pm to 16 pm.

26 King David St.


Don’t miss it!

*** Free admission ***



Anglickaitė is a visual artist, working with photography and moving image. In her works, she explores the possibilities of photographic imagery, the margins of storytelling, and the poetics of sound. Ocean, presented in its Israeli debut during Manofim Festival, was generated by an algorithm. There is nothing real about it. Just lines of code. However, at least for a while, it makes viewers believe that what they see actually exists in the theatrical premises of the YMCA Concert Hall.



You can also hear Anglickaitė talk at “Trick | Jerusalem Art Conference #4” at Van Leer Institute on October 30, or even meet her at the open studio at Art Cube Artists’ Studios on November 1! Book an appointment here.



We are grateful to MailerLite and Telesoftas for their generous support, making this project happen.