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Salon Party 28.10

Salon HaCubia Exhibition Opening and Manofim Festival Closing Event

A night full of painting, beats, alcohol, and love of art


Salon HaCubia Exhibition Opening

Hundreds of contemporary paintings from floor to ceiling in the spirit of 19th century Parisian Salon

In the Salon throughout the night:

On the Dance Floor

Disco Menayak | Khen Elmaleh and Gal Kadan

The summit meeting of your dreams: darbukas and synthesizers, hip-hop and electronica meet the Middle East. Here to move your feet and your soul.


In the Vinyl Library

Amit Eliasi

An invitation to listen and browse through the exceptional record collection of DJ Amit Eliasi (aka jah love), a collector and DJ, junkie of music, vinyl, and the quest for the right sound.  


In the Kitchen

Ann Deych

Ann Deych, a food artist, will make delicious and beautiful dishes in a Parisian atmosphere + naughty cocktails.


With the Wine

Rotem Zuta

Jerusalem artist and wine guy will open the wines he selected for the event and a conversation about the connection between the red elixir and art.