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Stairway to Heaven

Opening: 12.10.18 - Closing: 12.12.18

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Orit Ishay

The exhibition features abstract photography, video, and silkscreen works that draw from the world of flora. A journey into a laboratory-garden where life and death intertwine with an air of uncertainty. Every year, the Gallery holds an exhibition that resonates the oeuvre of photographer Morel Derfler (who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2001), whose work focused on nature/culture/man relationship.


Artists: Morel Derfler, Larry Abramson (Isarel), Nicu Ilfoveanu (Romania), Susanne Gamauf (Austria)


Pieces of Plants – The Gardens of the Artist #5, 1997, treated analog photography ,Susan Gamaehoff


Morel Derfler Gallery

The Morel Derfler Gallery was established in 1993 as a photography gallery within the premises of the Naggar School in Musrara. The gallery showcases works by renowned Israeli and international photographers, as well as emerging photographers (some of whom are Musrara graduates). The gallery serves as an educational platform that provides the students with the opportunity to discuss the exhibitions and exposes them to different genres and working methods in all media.
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