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Thursday 3.9 19:00

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Yaniv Kuris, Yafit Reuveny, Or Sarfati

Barbur gallery hosts the Jerusalem sound gallery in a new exhibition.

Artistic supervisor: Faye Shapiro

Participants: Avigail Immanuel, Eyal Bitton, Or Sarfati, Dafi Sapunar,Yaniv Kuris, Yaniv Schonfeld, Yafit Reuveny, Lior Pinsky, MR ,Nadav Gerber ,Shelly Renan-Kuris, Ayala Landow

STRATA is made of layers which document, re-live, and define the current field of action of the Jerusalem Sound Gallery. A collective of sound artists and musicians founded by Yafit Reuveny, Nadav Gerber and Yaniv Kuris in 2010.

The group members, who met during their studies at the Musrara school of new music worked for a few months in a space which was given to them close to the Uganda Pub by its owners. Despite the short time of activity the sound gallery succeeded in creating echos around exhibitions, installations and shows of experimental music in Jerusalem.

In the years since, the collective continues to create together, in different formations : in public spaces, in guided sound-walks, and performances in different contexts. In all their activities, the group asks the question of place and space as an artistic, acoustic and existential question.



Barbur is a place for art in Jerusalem and an ongoing forming project. It was founded in July 2005 by five friends, Jerusalem-based emerging artists working collectively in an independent nonprofit space for art and artists, in the aim of offering a platform for critical debate that addresses social issues while developing projects with local communities.
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