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The Story of Pesach

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Oree Holban and Nomi Tannhauser

The show was originally scheduled for Passover 2020, to mark a year since the passing of the esteemed artist Pesach Slabosky, who died on the eve of the holiday he felt so connected to. Following the Corona crisis, the exhibition was postponed. Despite the postponement, a multi-participant virtual event in his memory was held at the time, which was successful beyond expectation, emphasizing the void that Slabosky left upon his departure.


Now, “The Story of Pesach” opens the Jerusalem exhibition season and marks the inauguration of the new Barbur Gallery space in the Mamilla neighborhood, where Koresh 14 gallery is also located. This vital project is the result of a collaboration between the two veteran galleries, while the new proximity emphasizes the connection between the two parts of the show.


Slabosky (born in the US, 1947), immigrated to Israel five decades ago and became an integral part of the Israeli art scene as a unique and prominent figure. His wit and sharpness of mind were expressed in numerous ways: in his work, in the shows he curated and exhibited, in his various writings both in “Studio” art magazine and in his book “The Reconditioned Inspiration,” in his musical performances as a member of “Same World Trio,” and in his art teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Due to his many contributions, he occupied a central place in the life and work of countless artists from a spectrum of disciplines and practices.


Through works of artists, friends, colleagues, former students, family members, and art lovers, “The Story of Pesach” tells the tale of the Jerusalemite artist Pesach Slabosky. Nearly 100 artists from a range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, installation, performance, and poetry, take part in the show, held at Barbur and Koresh 14 galleries in the capital. The show’s significance lies in bringing forth Slabosky’s contribution to the local art community and his profound impact on it.


The exhibition seeks to express the deep ties he shared with us all. It aims to enable the art community to remember his unique nature and rejoice in the privilege of his presence amongst us for so many years.


The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Department of Museums and Plastic Art, and The Jerusalem Foundation.


Curatorial Advisor: Nomi Bruckmann




Barbur is a place for art in Jerusalem and an ongoing forming project. It was founded in July 2005 by five friends, Jerusalem-based emerging artists working collectively in an independent nonprofit space for art and artists, in the aim of offering a platform for critical debate that addresses social issues while developing projects with local communities.
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