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Opening: 18.10.2019 - Closing: 15.11.2019

Artist: Group Exhibition

Artists: Hadas Amster, Abraham Kritzman, Denis Mashkevich, Tama Ovadia, Vasili Parshin, Michal Rapaport, David Raphael Lockard, Lars Sergel, Reut Yeshayahu, Masha Zusman


When the stratified layers of reality pile up so that the very state of things thickens into stability. When things added to each other produce a slowdown and densification until any transparency turns clouded and present. A thickness that can make it hard to see. Thick is a group exhibition featuring Barbur gallery artists alongside guest artists. It will be accompanied by music, dance, and performance events.




Barbur is a place for art in Jerusalem and an ongoing forming project. It was founded in July 2005 by five friends, Jerusalem-based emerging artists working collectively in an independent nonprofit space for art and artists, in the aim of offering a platform for critical debate that addresses social issues while developing projects with local communities.
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Shirizli 6 st., Nachlaot
Mon–Thu 4 PM–8 PM, Fri 11 AM–2 PM
JLM Light Rail, Davidka Station
Hadavidka station
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