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Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports ‏‎Anat Gini‎‏, Noa Cohen

Municipality of Jerusalem

Culture and Arts Department: Eyal Ezri, Eli Cohen, Tehila Shemesh

We thank The Department of Visual Arts for the cooperation and support of the festival Hila Smolyanski, Katy Mordechai

We thank The Department of Music for the cooperation in the Mixer music line: Rachel Zivony, Roni Glass

We thank Barutina – The Youth Ministry for the cooperation in the analog show in the mixer line Shlomo Levy, Naama Yona

The Jerusalem Fund Shay Doron, Ruth Diskin, Udi Shpigel, Orna Nir, Eran Polak

The Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Foundation

Goethe-Institut Israel



Thank you to all the participating artists


A heartfelt thank you to the private donors, old and new, the friends of Manofim who have been with us faithfully over the years, strengthening our hands. A big thank you to the supporters, the galleries, the participating organisations, the curators and the exhibiting artists, without you none of this would have happened.

A special thank you to our families Yaakov, Neomi, Emanuel and Amalia Dagan, Ariel Givant, Zohar and Shachar Givant Shulov




Founders and organisers of Manofim

Rinat Edelstein and Lee He Shulov


Artistic director

Rinat Edelstein


Executive Director of the Art Cube Artists’ Studios Association

Lee He Shulov


Editors of ‘Harama’ magazine

Rinat Edelstein and Hadassa Cohen


Executive Producer

Alina Alexa Osipova



Einat Arnheim


Additional production team

Art Cube Artists’ Studios: Michal Mendelboym, Alexandra Ben Abba, Aaron Paz


Media and Internet director

Tal Shanny


Accommodation package marketing

Nadia Raz Chacham


Public relations

Einat Cohen


Graphic design

Dar Laor


Digital Marketing



Content editor and program producer

Alina Alexa Osipova

Tal Shanny


Hebrew and English translation and editing

Maya Shimony


Arabic translation and editing

Raji Bathish



IDI advertising


Katzowicz Gutman CPA Office

Yosef Katzowicz, Bat Sheva Lipschitz, Rebecca Israeli, Zeev Lerman


The law offices of Kimhi, Peled, Shilo, Cohen & Co.

Attorney Daniel Peled, Efrat Rocham




Harama Magazine 10th anniversary:

Curator: Rinat Edelstein and Hadassa Cohen

Artistic consultant: Tal Yahas

Production: Alina Alexa Osipova


The Magical Land of the Bridge – A Bilingual Children’s Club for Art

The club is a lively and exciting collaboration of many, including social activists from Beit Tzapafa, the Kaleidoscope Association, the Art Cube Artists’ Studios and the Manofim Festival, and its realization is made possible thanks to the support of the Jerusalem Fund.


Members of the steering committee:

 Ali Ayob, Iyad Abu Shama, Widad Abo Dulo, Mohammad Lafi; Tami Lavie, Talia Levit, Naama hai ben zekry; Sivan Danino, Yonatan Schimmel; Art Cube Artists’ Studios: Michal Mendelboym, Alexandra Ben Abba; Manofim Festival: Rinat Edelstein and Lee He Shulov


Creator of the workshops line: Alexandra Ben Abba

Pedagogical support of the staff and workshops: Sivan Danino and Kaleidoscope Initiatives Association

Workshop facilitators: Shimrit Dahan, Jenan Zaghari, Amal Matar, Naama Klein

Event producer: Einat Arnheim

Sound & Lighting: Eli Benita

Mural: Naser Khattab, Inbal Mendes-Flohr

Illustration and graphic design: Gal Cohen, Eran Yona


With the generous support of the Jerusalem Fund

And with the support of the Community Department, East Jerusalem – Osama Ghanaim, East Jerusalem Social Department, Municipality of Jerusalem


The Mixer

Artistic director: Noa Melamed Vazana

Producer: Alina Alexa Osipova


First Reveal

Artistic director: Rinat Edelstein

Artistic consultant: Lee He Shulov

Production: Einat Arnheim

Artists: Hanan Abu-Hussein, Shai Azoulay, Joshua Borkovsky, Marcelle Tehila Bitton, Raya Bruckenthal, Nomi Bruckmann, Zvi Tolkovsky, Dan Robert Lahiani, Neta Moses, Yael Serlin


Jerusalem Art Conference #7

Conference organizers:

Manofim Festival and Harama Magazine – Rinat Edelstein

Erev Rav – Dr. Ronen Eidelman and Yonatan Amir

Production: Alina Alexa Osipova


Manofim Tours

Dveer Shaked