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Artist wall| Another dimension

January 9, 2016

Artist: Rotem Manor
Curator: Einat Amir

Einat Amir hosts Rotem Manor

It’s a brick wall, made of cinderblocks. Can we overcome the most solid material in the world?
“I put a picture up on a wall. Then I forget there is a wall. I no longer know what there is behind this wall, I no longer know there is a wall, I no longer know this wall is a wall, I no longer know what  a wall is.” 
‒Georges Perec, Species of Spaces (1974)

Rotem Manor plays with the possibilities of
painting and how painting confronts the world, the space and the time in which it is painted. The painting is painted on the wall itself, thus becoming an inseparable part of the space. The viewer’s physical experience when faced with the painting’s size also plays a role: the viewer standing before another closed door is aware that this is an illusion, yet cannot fail to be invited into a fantasy of what lies behind the closed door.
Reality and imagination meet for a moment.

Rotem Manor (b. 1984, Haifa), is a multidisciplinary artist working in the space between photography, painting and installation. She earned a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2011) and is currently studying for her MFA at the University of Haifa. She had a solo exhibition in 2015 at the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; and participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, among them at the Midrasha Gallery, Place for Art, Musrara Mix, Hacubia, Jaffa Salon of Art, Red Line Beer Sheva, and elsewhere. Rotem Manor also participated in the USF Artist Residency, Bergen, Norway.



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