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April 8, 2016

Artist: Irit Tamari
Curator: Einat Amir and Gustavo Sagorsky

Einat Amir and Gustavo Sagorsky host Irit Tamari

The current wall piece is the outcome of the encounter between artists Irit Tamari, Gustavo Sagorsky, and Einat Amir in preparation for their joint exhibition to be shown at the Rehovot Municipal Gallery this coming June, curated by Ora Kraus.

Their work is based on creation of a database of photographic images of places and landscapes they visited, from which they intend to build an imaginary locale, a synthesis of their shared landscape images.

This is a challenging project for each of these artists, so used to working solo. The exhibition queries how is it possible to create a place which feels coherent yet is composed of fragments of different worlds?

The connection led to a focus on the construction and deconstruction of a defined environment – a waterfall on a rocky background. The placement of the artwork corresponds with the characteristic installation modes usually seen in nature museums. The result emphasizes the ensuing tension when bringing natural landscape into the enclosed, artificial gallery space, thus re-defining the space.

Irit Tamari (b. 1976) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She earned her undergraduate degree at the Midrasha College of Art (2003) and her Master’s Degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2011). Tamari was awarded an Excellence Scholarship from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption for Returning Residents 92009) as well as an Excellence Scholarship in Photography for Midrasha graduates (2003).
Irit Tamari’s artworks push the limits of photography by transforming photography into her raw material. She cuts up photographs, deconstructing and reconstructing the pieces to form a three-dimensional world. She is currently working as a Guest Artist in a studio at the Artists’ Studios, Talpiot, as part of its residency program, working on a joint project with Amir and Sagorsky, two other artists who have their own studios on site.
Tamari has exhibited her works in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad, including the Ashdod Museum of Art (2016), Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (2015), Eretz Israel Museum (2013), Jerusalem Artists’ House (2013), Indie Gallery (2015), Chelouche (2012), and Sommer Gallery of Contemporary Art (2005). She has participated in several international art fairs and festivals, among them Art Souterrain, Montreal (2014), NADA, NYC (2011), and CIGE, Beijing (2007).


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