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Cover Version

23.10.14 - 22.11.14

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Nomi Tannhauser

The term “Cover Version” derives from popular music and refers to a new  performance or recording of a previously recorded song, at times similar to the original and at times completely changing the original meaning. The “Cover Version” exhibit will examine how contemporary artists make use of existing artworks in their own work, as well as what pieces are chosen by the artists, and how their use of a different artistic language or new formal elements may change the original meaning.

Artists:  Vered Aharonovitch, Meydad Eliyahu, Neta Elkayam, Nomi Bruckmann,  Nurit Gur Lavy, Margo Gran, Tsuki Garbian, Masha Zussman, Vered Hadad, Nomi Tannhauser, Talia Israeli, Boaz Leventhal, Inbal Mendes Flohr, Gustavo Sagorsky, Pesach Slabosky, Joel Kantor.


Koresh 14

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14 Koresh
Vered 054-5593714 Nomi 052-4836848
Wed, Thu 5pm-8pm, Fri. 11am-2pm
Light Rail (Kikar Safra station)