Yitzhak Yerushalmi: Photo Archive

As part of “Photopoetics,” the exhibition “Yitzhak Yerushalmi” features photographs by Yitzhak Yerushalmi, a self-taught photographer, who as a teenager in the 1960s and 1970s photographed family and […]

Sokolov Katan

The gallery as an intersection between a biographical axis and a geographical one. Monica Lavi faces ghosts from her childhood via the photos of Juan Federovsky, her father. […]


The group exhibition Age Based will showcase artworks that deal with age in various ways and from different viewpoints. Age is a sensitive topic; We speak of  it […]

Silk and Crimson: From analog to digital to AI

As part of the “Manofim” festival, the Yossi Nahmias Photography Gallery in the Department of Photographic Communication, will be hosting the great photographer  Yoram Bouzaglo in his new […]

Rewind >>> Forward

Wandering around Jerusalem’s center resembles time travel: ancient buildings from the 19th century are located next to new structures, Jerusalem stone stands across from glass and concrete, and […]

I didn’t ask for much

Being the first in one’s family to acquire a higher education is a breakthrough that disrupts the vicious cycle of intergenerational inequality. Vered Nissim raises the discussion on […]

Manofim Tours

Manofim Tours, our festival tour program, will continue its activity with this year’s edition, which will present an extended format adding even more excursions than before to make […]


The morning after Rabin’s murder, Daniel Kiczales was late for school. The language teacher stood by the blackboard with tears in her eyes. For a change, she allowed […]

Up Top: Manofim Festival X Hansen House

Manofim Festival for Contemporary Art returns to Hansen House on Thursday, October 26th. Together we have devised a day filled with activities and content: The Jerusalem Art Conference […]

The Private Press in the Small Room

The exhibition of Ariel Wardi and Hadassa Goldvicht is a journey into the worlds of printing by Ariel Wardi, who, for more than thirty years, used a manual […]

A Smart House in a Dumb Body

The exhibition explores Guy Goldstein’s ongoing preoccupation with the intricate interplay between the private and the public domains. It delves into historical events that continue to shape our […]

The Small Hours of the Night

The inception of both the exhibit “The Small Hours of the Night” and the book “Mariam” occurred in a harmonious and continuous creative process. Throughout this journey, artist […]

The 8th Jerusalem Art Conference

The 8th Jerusalem Art Conference is dedicated to the role of art in political, climate and technological debates, both internationally and locally. The presentations will engage with the […]

Sleeping for tomorrow (Project #0.2)

AG works in physical/digital projects, that started with a German one-man bunker from WWII, and continued to installations around the world. AG wants to develop interaction with various […]

The Mixer

Whether you have attended the exhibitions, tours or conference of the Manofim Festival, we are happy to invite you to a series of musical performances curated and inspired […]

One + One

This thought-provoking exhibition celebrates the dynamic interplay between two artistic compositions. Each diptych offers a unique dialogue, showcasing the power of juxtaposition, contrast, and harmony. Through diverse mediums […]

A Journey Across the Skies – The Bilingual Children’s Club

Climbing the heights of imagination: creating, playing, making friends, and dreaming! The new rooftop of the Art Cube Artists’ Studios is a magical space for creation and activities. […]

Common Ground

Curator: Agustin Jais The 16 artists at Art Cube Artists’ Studios accompany the opening of the exhibition “Lactism” with a marathon of performances and participatory installations happening inside, […]

LACTISM: The new monotheistic religion worshiping the goddess Lacteria

The exhibition Lactism revolves around the central concepts of human connection, sociality and interactions between man and the environment. The exhibition is part of an ongoing project by […]

Well Hidden

“Well hidden”- a solo exhibition by artist Tal Simon. this exhibition showcases figurative botanical drawings alongside abstract paintings and drawings capturing living plants. Time is coded into Simon’s […]

Rev up

The artists of Ha’turim Center Incubator projects invite you to an evening of experiencing creative processes and moments of becoming where stage materials, in their humanity and sensitivity, […]

Homegrown: Four Artists React to Ticho House and Its Garden

Four site-specific artworks that were inspired by this historic house and its owners, the painter Anna Ticho and her husband Dr. Albert Ticho, all relate to questions of […]

Parallel Strata

The ‘punctum’, according to Barthes, is the “thing that jumps at the viewer from the photograph,”  arousing the unique experience of photography. In our age of image overload, […]

Through and beyond paper

The current exhibition, in which guest artists also participate alongside the Agripas 12 artists, tries to trace the working processes of the artists, more than the finished products. […]

Let there be images

The exhibition engages in images whose inception was textual, originating in texts that could create images ex nihilo. Nine biblical verses were selected depicting various scenes of vision, […]

Mashkof in Print

Mashkof was a multidisciplinary collective composed of painters, poets, and musicians. The group, which was active between 1968-1970 in Jerusalem, included: David Ben-Shaul, Zvi Tolkovsky, Avraham Ofek, Yoram […]

Family Business

Nasrin Abu Baker returns to the family photo album, and corresponds with her family’s personal biography, as a tribute to her parents who worked for years as a […]


The materials in Hamutal Bar Cohen’s exhibition were on their way to be thrown into the trash before they became real works and were collected into an exhibition. […]


Moran Kliger creates, through her mother’s stories, a biographical journey and a fictitious dialogue between her and her deceased grandmother. Kliger returns to her graduation work at the […]

1st exhibition in the 24th Nidbach series: Matter of Time

Eden Bezalel Habas, a graduate of the Department of Screen Arts at the Bezalel Academy, presents a video installation that explores the complex relationship between humans and nature, […]

Wounded Healer

The exhibition presents works of painting and photography on exposed paper. Adi, a photographer, painter, and art therapist, combines  two mediums that seemingly compete with each other. She […]


Corridor spaces are essentially defined by what they are not. With their peculiar mixture of artificial light and semi-darkness, they are zones of neither-nor. Their functional purpose as […]

May things be

The ability to document stands at the core of the photographic act. The drive to capture reality is often accompanied by a sense of urgency. The need to […]

Yam Amrani – Winner of the 2023 Osnat Mozes Painting Prize for a Young Artist

Yam Amrani is the winner of the 2023 Osnat Mozes Painting Prize for a Young Artist. In their statement, the prize committee members – Eyal Sasson, Natalia Zourabova, […]

New Members 2023

Three new members have joined the Jerusalem Artists Association this year: Sara Benninga, Noga Grinberg and Yael Boverman-Attas.