Guy Goldstein, Work in Progress, Mixed Media, 2023
Guy Goldstein, Work in Progress, Mixed Media, 2023

A Smart House in a Dumb Body

Hansen House, Center for Design, Media and Technology

Opening: 13.10Closing: 02.12

Artists: Guy Goldstein
Curator: Vardit Gross

The exhibition explores Guy Goldstein’s ongoing preoccupation with the intricate interplay between the private and the public domains. It delves into historical events that continue to shape our present and future, encompassing social, political, and technological trends.

The exhibition presents an intriguing perspective on the outline of a dystopian urban life, set in an unspecified time and place. This project was specifically conceived for Hansen House, a historically significant lepers’ home. It contemplates the establishment’s past purpose, the individuals who resided within its walls, the inherent seclusion from society, and the social isolation experienced by anyone who passes through the gates of the house.

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