The New Gallery Artists’ Studio Teddy, photo: Revital Cohen
The New Gallery Artists’ Studio Teddy, photo: Revital Cohen


The New Gallery – Artists' Studios Teddy Stadium

Opening: 08.09Closing: 31.12

Artists: Hannan Abu Hussein, Julia Aronson, Raya Bruckenthal, Ella Cohen Vansover, Naomi Laubreaux, Ohad Levi, Anai Salem, Idan Sitbon, Nadia Adina Rose, Yifat Shtainmetz Hirst, Elena Stelzer, Einat Arif- Galanti
Curator: Elena Stelzer

Corridor spaces are essentially defined by what they are not. With their peculiar mixture of artificial light and semi-darkness, they are zones of neither-nor. Their functional purpose as passageways promotes passage, nothing else. Everything at and in these spaces is designed for anonymity, inconvenience, and isolation. Everyone uses them, but nobody claims them for themselves. As transit rooms, they are usually rushed through quickly. In the corridor one is neither inside nor outside, but inside outside.

The works presented by the resident artists within the framework of the Hall Talk 10 relate directly to this ambivalent space prescribed for exhibition.

*GANG (German) מִסדְרוֹן

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