Anna Yam, Untitled, 2023
Anna Yam, Untitled, 2023

May things be

The New Gallery – Artists' Studios Teddy Stadium

Opening: 08.09Closing: 03.11

Artists: Shira Aboulafia, Tomer Appelbaum, Reli Avrahami, Oded Balilty, Sofie Berzon MacKie, Mati Elmaliach, Thalia Hoffman, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Saja Kotina, Miki Kratsman, France Lebée-Nadav, Alex Levac, Eldad Rafaeli, Etty Schwartz, Pavel Wolberg, Anna Yam, Keren Zaltz
Curator: Etty Schwartz

The ability to document stands at the core of the photographic act. The drive to capture reality is often accompanied by a sense of urgency. The need to document becomes an impulse to fulfill a mission, and the passing events blend with one’s personal biography. The moment captured in the photo gains immortality and takes on meaning that transcends everyday life.

The exhibition explores the dynamics between remembrance and oblivion, the complexity of identity, and issues of ownership and belonging. The photographs were taken at different times, some over the last year and others were drawn from the archive and given a new context in the nebulous present.

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