Avigail Fried, Kedem, 2022, Oil on canvas, 33x48 cm, Photo: Michael Amar
Avigail Fried, Kedem, 2022, Oil on canvas, 33×48 cm, Photo: Michael Amar

One + One

Marie Gallery

Opening: 26.10 at 19:30Closing: 25.11

Artists: Linda Adams, Miryam Adler, Riva Pinsky-Awadish, Roni Baroth, Hadassah Berry, Yael Boverman-Attas, Rami Coenca, Chana Cromer, Rina Ezroni, Shiri First, Avigail Frid, Miri Garmizo, Netanel Paz, Nomi Tannhauser, Meir Reuven (Zalevsky)

Curator: Yuval Orion

This thought-provoking exhibition celebrates the dynamic interplay between two artistic compositions. Each diptych offers a unique dialogue, showcasing the power of juxtaposition, contrast, and harmony. Through diverse mediums and styles, these paired artworks invite the viewer to contemplate the fusion of ideas, emotions, and perspectives and discover the captivating synergy that emerges when two become one.

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