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Closing party of the 2023 Manofim Festival

28.10.2023 Ha’turim Arts Center Artists Incubator
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The artists of Ha’turim Center Incubator projects invite you to an evening of experiencing creative processes and moments of becoming where stage materials, in their humanity and sensitivity, stand out in various exuberant performances.

The closing event concludes two performance art incubator projects that took place at Ha’turim Arts Center in 2023:

The first, The Jerusalem Incubator, was dedicated to Jerusalem artists and to works inspired by the city; the second, The Cold Shower Incubator, focused on early-career artists.


Ha’turim Management: Dan Orimian, Artistic direction: Galia Einey

Administrative direction: Sivan Buchheim. Technical direction: Adam Zohar

Manofim Festival Artistic direction: Rinat Edelstein


Ha’turim – Performance Arts Center is part of the Cultural Department of Arts of the Jerusalem Municipality.

*The incubators and the closing event have been enabled by the kind support of the Jerusalem Fund.


Limbo – Erez Meyuhass | Jerusalem Incubator

Performance (20 min.)The Train Theater

The performance takes place in the in-between. 

Limbo in Catholic theology is the border between Hell and Heaven, where the souls of those who have not personally sinned, yet who were not absolved of primal sin reside. Although they are not sentenced to punishment, these souls do not enjoy the eternal life in God’s Heaven.

The performance takes place in this zone, through which we will attempt to cross the border, yet without falling beyond its threshold.


Long Story – Danny Hadar | Jerusalem Incubator

Musical performance, singing and guitar (20 min.)Lobby of the Train Theater

Danny Hadar’s musical performance contains songs centering on the history, theology and politics of Jerusalem.

Singing: Talil Lev


Greetings, DJing and drinks!


Cold Shower

Six Greetings from a Creative Process (60 min.)The Train Theater

Participants: Yaggel Basok-Tushinsky, Avia Gan-Or, Alina Zhutovsky, Noa Halfi, Yael Kalif, Fadi Morad

Artistic direction and accompaniment: Yael Biegon-Citron

Intern: Shira Roichman

For two and a half months a group of stage artists came together to begin developing original works. The aim of the incubator was to allow a glimpse into the creative process, presenting it not just as a means to an end, but as an artistic act in itself: examining how we think of an idea, who are the partners to make it happen, what is the significance of support from colleagues, what are the tools we use to create art, and what is considered to be a ‘fruitful’ process.

With the end of the incubator, we invite the audience to peek into the creative process as it is happening, a summary of a journey as seen from the middle of the road.


Busy from Afar – Aviv Stern | Jerusalem Incubator

Listening performance (45 min.)The Train Theater Studio

Dismantling and building back the materiality of sound by forcing electronic manipulations;

Using recordings that document the soundscapes of nature from the Mamilla pool and the Muslim cemetery located at the center of Jerusalem, I create a sonoric space where the shape, behavior of sound, and the developing harmony all evolve through the process of recording. The show exposes a place that cannot and does not want to intermingle, change and alter, a place that contains its environment by maintaining its unique character.