Monoprint print from the book 'It's not there, it's here' (50x35cm), Ariel Werdi. (Photo: Eli Posner)
Monoprint print from the book ‘It’s not there, it’s here’ (50x35cm), Ariel Werdi. (Photo: Eli Posner)

The Private Press in the Small Room

Mamuta Art and Research Center

Opening: 13.10Closing: 01.12

Artists: Ariel Wardi, Hadassa Goldvicht
Curator: Ada Wardi

The exhibition of Ariel Wardi and Hadassa Goldvicht is a journey into the worlds of printing by Ariel Wardi, who, for more than thirty years, used a manual printing press  to produce monoprints and unique books with letters that he cut and cast with his own hands. Hadassa Goldvicht, whose  work deals extensively with language and letters as a multi-sensory raw material, created a multi-channel video and sound work, which breaks down the printed books into Morse messages transmitted between the underground spaces of the Mamuta center.

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