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Fool’s Gold

Opening: 28.10.21 at 19:00 - Closimg: 7.12.21

Artist: David Ginton, Agustín Jais, Noy Haimovitz and Tamir Erlich, Yoav Weinfeld, Roni Trabelsi, Deganit Berest, Zoya Cherkesky
Curator: Dveer Shaked

The exhibition seeks to examine different aspects of provinciality as a personal, social, and national phenomenon, and aspire to reclaim social and geographic peripherality through an honest and direct look at the dream of “the center.” The exhibition consists of works from different periods in Israeli art that explore this theme from diverse points of view, as they try to outline the lens through which we look at the big city, whether it is a specific one or a concept.


Roni Trabelsi, 100Alc, 2017, Oil paint on paper with shellac, 70X60 cm


Koresh 14

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