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15.9.16- 18.11.16

Artist: Tal Zrael
Curator: Einat Arif Galanti

In her work, Tal Zrael adopts scientific research methods: she observes physical processes and projects their properties on states of mind, as she searches for hidden moments, ephemeral materials, and fleeting fragile events.

Zrael looks at pomegranate seeds through the lens of the microscope, the dark room enlarger, and the camera; the seeds become almost human units of life, from birth to decay. She documents nocturnal occurrences recounted by passersby and places memories from her grandparents’ home inside display cases.

Tal Yizrael Migration Seed c‐print 20X30 2008


Art Cube Artists' Studios

Art Cube Artists' Studios complex in Talpiot is a center for contemporary culture which offers a rich and inspiring work environment for visual artists. The complex is comprised of subsidized studio spaces for Jerusalem-based artists, a gallerywhich holds temporary exhibitions, curatorial visitsand public lectures, as well as an international residency program that includes collaborations with Israeli and international art institutions. In addition to these activities, the Art Cube Artists' Studios also houses Manofim –Contemporary Art in Jerusalem.

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