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Pieces from the Vered Hadad Collection

Opening: 15.09.22 at 20:00 - Closimg: 11.11.22

Artist: Bezalel, Michal Avraham, Hagit Ganini, Noam wenkert, Masha Zusman, Eli Horesh, Zvi Tolkovsky, Nomi Tannhauser, Avi Sabah, Einat Arif-Galanti, Rotem Manor, Itsik Amiel, Roi kuper, Talia Keinan, Jossef Krispel,Roee Rosen, Yonatan Ron, Andreas Schröder, Ayana Shany, Daniel Nehring
Curator: Vered Hadad

Private Collection – Pieces from the Vered Hadad Collection, is one in a series of exhibitions of Curators’ private collections, collections that grew out of relationships, loves, and a deep connection between the  collector and the art.

The series was born out of the desire to look behind the curtain into the private realm and the curator’s personal taste, the pieces that are part of her/his personal life, chosen not with the intent of showing in an exhibition but out of pure  love, curiosity and interest.

Pieces linked only by the deep dialogue between curator and art.


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