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Stories made by God

Tuesday 20.9.16 from 6pm

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Group Curatoring

A one night only art event on Asael Street

Tuesday, September 20th


Asael Street in Jerusalem’s Abu Tor neighborhood is divided by an invisible line that can only be seen by its residents. The shared street is situated along the Green Line – the border between the western and eastern parts of the city. On its odd side live Israeli families from Abu Tor, and on its even side live Palestinian families from Al-Thori.

Between the Hill of Evil Council to Valley of Hinnom, by an abandoned Orthodox church, three synagogues and overlooking Temple Mount – the street is enveloped by an almost over the top Jerusalem symbolism. But the story of the street is the story of the city’s unique tapestry, a story of Jerusalem’s everyday life.

What kind of life exists in the meeting point between the two sides of the street? What is the relationship between its residents? And who owns the limo that has been standing on the sidewalk for years?

Stories Made by God will be hosted in 10 houses on the street – five Palestinian homes and five Israeli homes – and in public spaces throughout the neighborhood. For one night, visitors will have an opportunity to see artworks in the private space, visit community fair stalls, watch projections and musical shows, meet and get to know the residents of the street. The event is created in collaboration with The Greater Baka Community Council and the neighborhood project “Neighborliness”.

Participating artists: Nasrin Abu Baker, Joshua Borkovsky, Neta Shira Cohen, Ruba Amira Salameh, Menachem Roth, Shelly Renan, and more.

Also featuring: Marik Shtern and Tamer Said, Danae Elon, the residents of Al Thori and the residents of Abu Tor.

Co-curators: Rinat Edelstein, Lee He Shulov, Iris Pshedezki, Nasrin Abu Baker, YTHEATRE community theater, Kadar Herini, Mira Mahfouzh.


House Project : Stories made by god

Asael Street