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The Politics of Shapes and Forms

14.7.16- 2.9.16

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Hadas Kedar & Alex Schady

Opening: Thursday, July 14, 2016, at 8 p.m

Participating artists: Ayelet Avni, Meydad Eliyahu, Adi Fluman, Yuval Gallili, Ayelet Lerman, Eti Levi, Ella Manor, Einat Mogald, Efrat Ochayon, Matan Oren, Goni Riskin, Shira Tabachnik, Leeron Tur- Kaspa

The exhibition is an additional step in the collaborative work of over 15 years by the artist couple Schady & Kedar. The current exhibition is a response to the workshop they facilitated at the Artists’ Studios, Talpiot and at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, held about one year ago. The workshop participants were artists and students from art and design schools in Israel.

The collective experiment took on the form of a “pop-up” art school impacted by radical pedagogical theories of educator/theoretician Paolo Freire and the pedagogical-performative experiments of Augusto Boal. Conducting the workshop in art institutions invited participants to closely observe and refer to the institutional hierarchy as material for thought and art-making. The foundation for the lesson plan was a geometry curriculum; the collaborative artworks responded through sound, video, drawing, sculpture, performance, along with group activities such as communal meals, dancing, singing, and discussion.
The current exhibition challenges the accepted consensus we are accustomed to encounter in museums and galleries: Schady & Kedar’s artworks, based on the same geometry curriculum, invite visitors to interfere with the work through erasure, cutting, sewing, and painting – often changing the work.

While the Art Cube Gallery hosts Schady & Kedar’s new works, the Artists’ Studios’ public spaces display works made during last year’s workshop


Art Cube Artists' Studios

Art Cube Artists' Studios complex in Talpiot is a center for contemporary culture which offers a rich and inspiring work environment for visual artists. The complex is comprised of subsidized studio spaces for Jerusalem-based artists, a gallerywhich holds temporary exhibitions, curatorial visitsand public lectures, as well as an international residency program that includes collaborations with Israeli and international art institutions. In addition to these activities, the Art Cube Artists' Studios also houses Manofim –Contemporary Art in Jerusalem.

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